Improvement in Genetics

Genetic Gain

TAB with PT has limitations for genetic gains as described by formula

  • Reliability  even under good PT conditions do not exceed 90%
  • Selection intensity as good as the reference database from which the TAB is done. India has poor reference Database
  • Generation interval is 10 years before the PT can be completed
  • Genetic Variance is very good in India and therefore has significant base to improve by over 200%
  • Genomics - basics

    Genomic Value for each trait is calculated by Gene testing

    Genomic testing an improvement over PT towards the goal of genetic gain

    Method Progeny Testing Genomic  testing
    Reliability 90% 85% with a cohort of genomic sibling bulls
    Generation Interval 10 years 3 years when combined with ET and IVF
    Genetic Variance India high variance-  scope for improvement > 200% versus that in an optimized herds of US/NZ/EU where variance is < 3%
    Selection Intensity Poor reference Database with indigenous cattle and buffalo, no data for > 5M animals unlike in US/NZ/EU

    What does the Farmer want and How TAG helps?


    • Sexed high genetic merit F1 Female Embryos


    • Sexed embryo ensures heifers

    Genetic Gain

    • Identify the right genetics based upon farmer capacity and geography by Genomic testing, New breeding technologies (NBT)

    Transfer of technology to Farmers

    • Skilling in field ET
    • Mobile IVEP labs for access to genetics across the country
    • Rural entrepreneurs to promote ET as business proposition